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 Does you vehicle need new tires?
 Are you confused with the diversity of brands in the market?
 Are you unconscious of the qualities and interested in the best ever?
 Is the size you are looking for unfamiliar to most of the tires shops?

 Well you don’t have to worry anymore because our company, which is considered one of the top  leaders, top experts and best players in the tire business, has it all and is at your service.
 Since our main concern is to serve the toughest and most challenging requests of our clients, we  are regularly importing the most diversified sizes and constantly retaining on stock the widest  product range covering various kinds of tires for different applications such as: Go kart, ATV,  Motorcycle, bicycle, passenger, 4x4, truck, industrial, farmer, OTR …..and on top of that we are the  sole market importer of 4x4 UHP tires up to 24 inch that fits the newest SUV(s) such as Porsche  Cayenne Turbo, Range Rover Sport Supercharged, Infinity…. and passenger UHP tires up to 22  inch that fits the newest ultra high performance road cars such as BMW M6 and M5, Mercedes  Benz AMG, Porsche new 997 and a lot more …..

 It took the founder of the company George Ghanem 50 years of his life Struggling in this business  and in this competitive environment in order to reach this position. He has established an  exceptional renowned reputation and has dealt with the best brands ever in this line, and we are  continuously trying to meet the daily challenges and duties of this new Era keeping customer  satisfaction and market leadership as our top priorities.

 From now on dear customer you don’t have to pass by all the shops in town to define the exact  recommended sizes for you car and still be disappointed, it is just a click away for you to start  surfing our website and look up for answers to your questions.

 Buckle up, enjoy the ride and feel free to give us a call for any additional information, and  remember that before trying to impress with your car, impress you car” with the highest
 technology ever: with


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